ENGINO® Educational Solution

Engino® has developed educational solutions in order to be utilized as a useful tool by the teachers who wish to introduce innovative methods and teaching material in their classroom. In Engino, we believe that learning has to be a playful and pleasant experience, advocating active engagement by all students.

Engino® educational series are taking into account the latest technological trends and the most modern pedagogical principles of learning. Recognising that children are better motivated when involved into hands-on activities, we dedicate effort in creating a building system that gradually allows emotional cognitive development from practical to abstract level. This can be mostly achieved through activities that are structured in a way that simple challenges and models are followed by more complex ones. The sets are ideal to teach STEM and programming by allowing the construction of multiple models. This is achieved by utilizing the variety of connecting parts and the graded levels of activities and programming according to targeting ages.


STEM & Robotics Mini

Learn How-To:

Motivate early primary school students to combine interdisciplinary topics in real-life robotic models. Introduce them in programming and problem-solving techniques.

STEM & Robotics Pro

Learn How-To:
Stimulate middle school students to follow scientific and engineering oriented careers. Exploit the strong benefits of blending STEM & robotics with the engineering design process.

STEM & Robotics Produino

Learn How-To:
Indulge high-school students into the world of advanced programming methods and electronics. Enrich their background in electronics and engineering with DIY open projects.

Benefits of a Training

– Acquire STEM teaching skills which are the most trending and modern pedagogical methods with an interdisciplinary application

– Confidence on teaching STEM & Robotics in a class with Engino sets

– Overview all available tools with hands-on experience

– Become a certified educator by ENGINO

– Trained by ENGINO R&D key personnel

– Join a large community of STEM educators

STEM Education & 21st Century Skills

The 21st century is characterised as the “Information Era”. In order to achieve career success in an ever-increasing demanding era, students need to acquire a set of abilities which should be applicable in wide range of different disciplines. STEM education serves a key role in the development of such skills due to its interdisciplinary curriculum and the project-oriented activities, allowing students to literally become young engineers. The necessity of teaching STEM education in the 21st century is underlined by the following reasons:

  • The most modern pedagogical method with an interdisciplinary learning approach.
  • Hands-on learning is proven to be more effective while kids have fun and enjoy attendance.
  • Application of meaningful real-life problems instead of abstract theoretical concepts.
  • Lessons are driven by the engineering design process (EDP), a holistic approach for problem resolution.
  • Development of the most important and valuable skills such as:

✔ Critical thinking

✔ Problem solving

✔ Communication and Cooperation

✔ Adaptability

✔ Creativity and Imagination

  • Enhances digital literacy which is an essential tool in modern societies for sharing ideas, posing question and seeking for answers.
  • Reinforcing youth with the most important skills to follow technical and scientific careers.
  • Supports equality and encourages diversity among different gender, ethnic, religion and socioeconomic status.

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