STEM & Robotics Produino

The STEM & Robotics Produino education set is especially designed for Secondary and High school students of ages 14+ and even hobby engineers. It covers effectively the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics and Coding. The set is powered by the new advanced Produino controller which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, a USB port, a Display with 6 programming buttons, a Re-chargeable battery, a Touch sensor, a Color sensor, InfraRed sensors, an Ultrasonic sensor, a Compass/Magnetometer, DC motors and Servo motor! The innovation of Produino lies in it’s brain, which incorporates the open source Arduino platform, allowing 3rd party sensors, shields and even programming software to be used. The KEIROTM software provides a Scratch-like environment with drag and drop blocks together with an Arduino mode for C++ coding. The program can run on Android and iOs tablets, Mac, Windows and even Linux!

Single Set


• Plastic tub

• 406 plastic parts

• 1990 connecting points

• Produino controller with 7 input-output ports

• Connectivity via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi

• Arduino platform embedded

• Display monochrome 128×64

• Re-chargeable battery

• Onboard breadboard for applying electronic circuits

• 2 DC motors

• 1 Servo motor with RJ connector

• 2 IR sensors

• 1 Touch sensor

• 1 Ultrasonic sensor

• 1 Compass/Magnetometer

• 1 Color sensor


for a group of 2-3 students

KEIRO™ Software

• Manual Programming

• Simulator

• Live Readings

• Flow Diagram

• Outputs

• Controls

• Sensors

• Operators

• Functions

• Variables

• Arduino Code

• Arduino IDE

Curriculum in digital format

This project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the context of the Plan for Entrepreneurship Innovation of the MCIT Republic of Cyprus (SEK-24).