STEM & Robotics Produino

The STEM & Robotics Produino education set is specially designed for High school children of ages 14+ and even hobby engineers. It teaches effectively the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics and Coding. The set is powered by the new advanced Produino controller which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, a USB port, a large screen with 6 programming buttons, a re-chargeable battery, a touch sensor, a color sensor, InfraRed sensors, an Ultrasonic sensor, a Motion Tracking sensor, DC motors, Servo motors and LED lights! The innovation of Produino lies in it’s brain which incorporates the open source Arduino platform which means 3rd party sensors, shields and even programming software can be used. The Produino software provides a Scratch-like based environment with drag and drop blocks and includes an Arduino editor for advanced text programming. The program can run on Android and iOs tablets, Mac, Windows and even Linux! The booklets included in this set, provide detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporate innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning.

Single Set

KEIRO™ Software

Unique interconnection of 3 programming methods and Arduino code:
• Manual programming
• Flow Programming
• Simulator
• Arduino Code IDE


• Plastic tub
• 402 plastic parts
• 1990 connecting points
• Produino Controller
• Arduino Platform
• Display monochrome 128×64
• Re-chargeable battery
• 7 Input – Output ports
• DC Motors, Servo Motors
• IR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Motion Tracking Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Color Sensor
• USB – Bluetooth – WiFi
• Produino software
• Comprehensive curriculum including 9 booklets


for a group of 2-3 students

9 Booklets

84 building models
104 pages of theory
44 pages of experimental activities
70 pages of challenges and building ideas
21 pages of quizzes
15 pages of user manual
28 coding examples
152 pages of step by step instructions

Learn about STEM:
• Levers & Linkages
• Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes
• Pulley drives
• Gears & Worm drives
• Cams & Cranks
• Newton’s laws
• Structures

Learn about Robotics:
• Actions
• Functions blocks
• Controls – statement blocks
• Logic gates
• Arithmetic operators
• C, C++ programming
• Arduino code

Ideal for teaching STEM disciplines and introducing students to programming.

Innovative activities for hands-on learning, along with programming examples to get you started!

Classroom Bundle


• Use with Engino’s STEM & Coding curriculum
• Teacher’s guide
• Interactive STEM software
• 3D builder kidCAD software
• Qboidz cubes for color picking challenge

For a classroom of 8 up to 24 students:
• Bundle of 4 sets (8 students)
• Bundle of 8 sets (16 students)
• Bundle of 12 sets (24 students)