STEM & Robotics PRO

The STEM & Robotics PRO education set is specially designed for Primary and Secondary school students of ages 8-15. It combines the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics. The set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub that contains a large number of Engino parts, allowing the construction of more than 80 STEM models. It also includes robotic parts such as the PRO controller, RJ cables, one touch sensor, two InfraRed sensors, three motors, five LED lights and a USB cable! KEIRO™ Software provides a user friendly environment for coding. The activities begin with basic principles using the Experimental, Dinobot and Forklift models. Then they move on to more complex concepts including sensors, conditional statements and logic gates (Jeep Car, Humanoid and Grabber models). The set also contains Automated House and Pedestrian Crossing models to learn about automation and road safety.

Single Set

KEIRO™ Software

5 interconnecting ways of programming according student’s age and experience:
• Manual programming
• Flow diagram
• Smart device application
• Parallel Programming reducing the complexity of coding
• Text Editor
• Simulator


• Plastic Tub
• 376 plastic parts
• 1678 connecting points
• Pro controller
• USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s)
• Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming
• 7 input – output ports. Connect up to 7 LED’s to teach traffic lights, up to 4 sensors digital or analogue and up to 3 motors (servo or analogue)
• KEIRO™ software
• Comprehensive curriculum including 9 booklets


for a group of 2-3 students

9 Booklets

84 building models
104 pages of theory
44 pages of experimental activities
70 pages of challenges and building ideas
21 pages of quizzes
15 pages of user manual
30 coding examples
138 pages of step by step instructions

Learn about STEM:
• Levers & Linkages
• Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes
• Pulley drives
• Gears & Worm drives
• Cams & Cranks
• Newton’s laws

Learn about Robotics:
• Actions
• Functions blocks
• Controls – statement blocks
• Logic gates

Ideal for teaching STEM disciplines and introducing students to programming!

The curriculum incorporates robotics in the classroom so that students understand the fundamentals of this new technology covering at the same time the whole spectrum of STEM.

Classroom Bundle


• Use with Engino’s STEM & Coding curriculum
• Teacher’s guide
• Interactive STEM software
• 3D builder kidCAD software

For a classroom of 8 up to 24 students:
• Bundle of 4 sets (8 students)
• Bundle of 8 sets (16 students)
• Bundle of 12 sets (24 students)