Project Based Sets

STEM Amusement Park Set

This set comes in a plastic tub and includes one geared motor to power four large-scale models: Ferris wheel, London Eye, merrygo-round and booster ride. You can also build four smaller models such as a gearbox, an experimental crane, a carousel and a planetarium. Conduct thought-provoking experiments to discover the application of gears in mechanical systems.

• 4 large scale building models

• 3 experimental models

• theory and interesting facts

• 3 experimental activities

• quizzes

STEM Architecture Set

The Architecture Set demonstrates the ability of ENGINO® to build huge models of impressive size and style. Students can explore the archetypes of different types of bridges and build two oversized models of the Sydney Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. Through experimentation they can learn and deploy methods to construct rigid and functional structures.

• 2 huge building models

• 4 experimental models

• 5 additional models

• theory and interesting facts

• 4 experimental activities

• quizzes