Makerspace Furniture

Since the inception of ENGINO , our engineering systems have powered STEM classrooms around the world, inspiring kids to become our future innovators. The need for better handling and storage of our plastic tubs, along with the requirement for easier mobility has led to the design of specialized furniture that would align and complement our ENGINO® open-teaching methodology. Having as a top priority to meet the highest levels of quality and safety, as well as providing robustness and reusuability, these furniture are the ideal solution for a modern Makerspace classroom!

ENGINO® Stools

When students build ENGINO models and program their robots, they regularly need to stand up, pick parts, move around and collaborate with their peers. This makes regular seats incovenient and necessitates the use of appropriately designed stools that can be adjusted also in height according to the age of the student. There are two types of stools, the short one (EF10) for using with normal desks and the tall one (EF11) for semi-seating on taller work benches.

Product Code: EF10.1
Product Code: EF11.1

ENGINO® Trolleys

The storage of our plastic trays is no longer an issue by using one of the trolleys developed by ENGINO®. High-quality wheels allow extreme mobility from classroom to classroom. The side panels are metallic and have special holes and slots to support makerspace tools and storage bins, while the wooden top can be used as a workstation. There are 3 types of trolleys, one, two or three-coloumn ones, with each column fitting 4 deep trays of 15cm or 8 shallow trays of 7 cm. The rails are adjustable in height so that various combination of trays can be accommodated.

Product Code: EF20.1
Product Code: EF21.1
Product Code: EF22.1