Junior Robotics

Junior Robotics is a starter robotics set, especially designed for Kindergarten and Early Primary school students of ages 5-8. The set is an ideal solution to introduce students into the world of Robotics. It comes in a convenient plastic storage tub that contains a large number of colourful Engino and Qboidz plastic parts allowing the construction of 8 robotic models. It also includes robotic parts such as the Mini controller, Touch sensor, one Motor, one LED, RJ cables and a USB cable! The programming software provides a user friendly environment for coding using Scratch-like drag & drop blocks. In addition, each activity begins with the adventure story of Alex, our young hero, who is travelling to a mysterious island and build several constructions such as Radar, Windmill, Smart house.

Single Set


• Plastic tub

• 121 Plastic parts

• 51 Qboidz plastic parts

• 512 Connecting Points

• Mini controller with 4 input-output ports

• Connectivity via USB and Bluetooth

• Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming

• 1 DC motor

• 1 LED red

• 1 Touch sensor


for a group of 2-3 students

KEIRO™ Software

• Manual Programming

• Simulator

• Flow Diagram

• Outputs

• Controls

• Sensors

Curriculum in digital format


Classroom Bundle

This project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the context of the Plan for Entrepreneurship Innovation of the MCIT Republic of Cyprus (SEK-24).