Produino Electronics DIY Add-on

E41.1 | 12-16+

With Produino, students grow and learn about coding and robotics at an advanced level. Unlike other robotics which are limited to the included peripherals included, Produino can expand with DIY add-ons, coming from the open source library of Arduino technologies. This set consists if a library of cables, sensors and electronic components that can be connected on Produino, helping students through tinkering acquire a deeper understanding of electronics and embedded systems.


• Carton box (17 x 17 x 6 cm)

• 5 x LED red

• 5 x LED green

• 5 x LED yellow

• 10 x Resistor 100 Ohm

• 10 x Resistor 220 Ohm

• 10 x Resistor 510 Ohm

• 10 x Resistor 1K Ohm

• 10 x Resistor 10K Ohm

• 2 x Rotating potensiometer 2K Ohm

• 8 x Push button

• Set of jumper wires 10&20 cm

• 2 x Photoresistor (LDR)

• 4 x Mini breadboard

This project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the context of the Plan for Entrepreneurship Innovation of the MCIT Republic of Cyprus (SEK-24).