STEM & Robotics ERP Pro Set

E30.1 | 9-12+

The STEM & Robotics ERP Pro education set is specially designed for late Primary and Secondary school students of ages 9-12+. It combines the core subjects of STEM together with Robotics and includes high-level projects that lead to a deeper understanding of the underlying theory while also developing 21st century skills. The set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub that contains a large number of ENGINO® structural and technical parts, together with advanced robotic devices such as ERP Pro controller, DC motors, LEDs, touch sensor and IR sensors. The set allows the construction of more than 30 STEM and Robotic models.


• Plastic tub with internal dividers

• 369 plastic parts

• 1678 connecting points

• Battery compartment for 6xAAA batteries

• Pro controller with 7 input-output ports

• Connectivity via USB and Bluetooth

• Rechargeable battery module option*

• Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming

• 3 DC motors

• 5 LEDs

• 2 IR sensors & 1 Touch sensor

• Pedestrian crossing cardboard


for a group of 2-3 students
This project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the context of the Plan for Entrepreneurship Innovation of the MCIT Republic of Cyprus (SEK-24).