3D builder kidCAD software

Engineering has evolved rapidly over the last decade and most design process in real life is carried out on PCs using specialized software, such as CAD programs. Children should familiarize themselves with the virtual three-dimensional space and learn basic CAD commands such as rotate, zoom, explode and implode. This 3D builder software contains a comprehensive library of all the ENGINO® parts. Users can select virtual connecting points to construct easily any model of their own! Students or teachers also have the ability through the software to export their models to a social media dedicated website, where others can view, rate and comment, sharing work and ideas.

Learn about:
• Model control in virtual 3D space
– Different Views
– Rotate, Pan, Zoom
– Explode, Implode
• CAD assembly process
• Bill of Materials
• Instruction making

KEIRO software

A key element of any robotics system is the programming software. ENGINO® has developed a special software, KEIRO, which is a block-based programming platform that allows different methods of programming depending on the user’s needs and capabilities.

The robot can also be programmed manually using the on-board buttons. The software is used for editing the program and adding complex functionality with the use of a user friendly Flow Diagram Interface.

Furthermore, a remote-control functionality is also available for smart devices through Bluetooth connection. Apps are available for free in Google Play and Apple store.

EnginoRobot BT app (Bluetooth Remote Control):

Learn about:
• Principles of coding through 4 methods of programming
• Basics of Programming languages like C, C++, Assembly, Python & others
• How to transform simple parts to robotic construction