Comprehensive Curriculum for all ages

The ENGINO® curriculum targets all levels of education, starting from Preschool all the way up to Higher education! Preschool curriculum contains a variety of themes. As the students grow older, they are gradually introduced to the principles of STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics- and Robotics, following the spiral method learning system. This approach enables students to engage with most of the STEM subjects even from early on, with every learning cycle digging deeper into the underlining educational principles. Students are stimulated with interesting facts and are encouraged to build upon previously obtained knowledge.


• Robotics

• Levers & Linkages

• Wheels, Axles & Inclined planes

• Pulley drives

• Cams & Cranks

• Gears & Worm drives

• Structures: Buildings & Bridges

• Newton’s Laws

• Solar Power

The ENGINO® STEM and Robotics Curriculum is divided into four sections: STEM & Robotics Handbook, Lesson Plans, KEIROTM Software Manual and Models Library. Educators can easily follow the Lesson Plans to carry out the experiments and also refer to the Handbook for more detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied. Teachers are guided to engage students in STEM and Robotics principles in a fun, exciting and interesting way.


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