Comprehensive Booklets for All Ages

The Engino curriculum covers a wide range of Science and Technology subjects that targets all levels of education, starting from Pre-school all the way up to Higher education! For the Pre-school level, the building instruction booklets contain more than 40 activities from a variety of themes such as Animal Kingdom, Vehicles, Aviation and Technology! As the students grow older, they are gradually introduced to the principles of STEM, following the spiral method learning system. This approach enables students to engage with most STEM subjects even from early on, with every learning cycle digging deeper into the underline principles of Science, Technology and Programming. Students are stimulated with interesting facts and are encouraged to recall their prior learning, so they are able to connect it with the new knowledge obtained. Learning is achieved through model building and experimentation and is enhanced with questions and activities for review and feedback. The books provide detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporate innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning. Quiz sections are also available to challenge the newly acquired knowledge!

16 Booklets

144 Building Models
124 Pages of Theory
79 Pages of Experimental Activities
22 Pages of Coding Examples and User Manuals
24 Pages of Quizzes
212 Pages of Step by Step Instructions