Total Educational Solution:

Combination of STEM & Robotics

STEM education is the latest trend in pedagogical science. STEM
curriculum is based on the principle of educating students in 4 major
disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – in an
interdisciplinary and problem solving, creative approach. Rather than
teach the 4 disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM
integrates them into a unified learning system that is based on
real-world applications. This philosophy is well incorporated in Engino
STEM & Robotics education series, covering a broad area of subjects,
including Robotics, Mechanics, Physics and Renewable Energy.


Comprehensive Classroom Solutions

for Creative STEM & Robotics Education

ENGINO® comprehensive classroom solutions cover a wide range of STEM subjects that target all levels of education, from Preschool to High school! The unique building system that drives our solutions is fully compatible at all age groups, designed for increased complexity according to the level of each student. The different subjects of STEM are taught in detail through fun and interactive activities that engage and motivate students to learn by doing while acquiring the st 21 century skills of problem solving and critical thinking.

Total Educational Solution:

Pedagogical Methodology


ENGINO® SYSTEM is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction system in the market today. The patented design of the parts allows connectivity of up to 6 sides simultaneously, while the unique extendable components lead to builds that were previously unthinkable, unleashing student’s creativity and imagination.


The ENGINO® rods can be connected in-line without the intermediate need of a connector, almost reducing to half the quantity of parts required to build models.


While the assembled rods look uniform with nothing protruding, they can provide building directions vertically and sideways by simply snap fitting another beam to one of the bi-directional side cavities. This innovative design allows snap assembly on both sides simultaneously and greatly enhances the expandability of the system.


The system is capable of tackling with the same ease all other building directions! All directions of the 3D space are accessible by combining the rods with the various types of ENGINO® connectors.


While ENGINO® system is the easiest system to build models that need connections in 90°, it is equally functional when attempting to build more complex models that require connections in 45°.


The potential of the system is unleashed by “cloning” the innovative geometries to pivoted joints. A specially designed component acts as a pivot allowing any angle of the 3D space to be created.


Structures consisting of right angle triangles can easily be created, ideally with side lengths of 15 units. The advantage of ENGINO® system is that the 2D structure may at any time be converted to 3D without needing any additional connectors. The TEE and ELBOW connectors provide a change in the plane of building, without having any elements protruding. The model may be modified at any time and there is no need to substitute the connectors with different ones. This not only reduces the number of different parts required to make a model but adds to the simplicity and functionality of the system.


Although ENGINO® rods can behave as bricks achieving various lengths, these are restricted by the size of the smallest part. But where all other construction systems fail, ENGINO® can do the job! With ENGINO® system any length is possible with the patented extendable rods. This amazing feature, when combined with the pivoted joints, can lead to the creation of any triangular shape and to constructions that were previously inconceivable. The extendable rod replaces the need of numerous other components and maximizes the building capabilities of the system.


• Simple to use!
• Maximized modification capabilities!
• Low number of different parts!
• Fewer components can build more models!
• Creative and Educational!
• Expandable at any time, in any direction!
• Rods are also connectors!
• All parts snap-fit and stay together!
• Any length is possible!

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